Research Implications

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So what does it all mean?

Below is a compilation of condensed research implications, selected for their practicality and action-ability.  Those looking for the pragmatic implications of interdisciplinary research (perhaps to create effective informational materials or to educate older vulnerable consumers) will find clear and easy access to relevant research conclusions.

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    Create good & safe defaults
    Avoid technical wording in information targeting older adults
    Address a range of mental capacities
    Include positive emotional imagery
    State what is truth, not what is myth
    Encourage active social options
    Demonstrate vulnerability and teach persuasion identification methods for effective persuasion resistance training
    Help create a more informed perspective by encouraging individuals to think about different sources of happiness and unhappiness
    Help create better decision making by encouraging individuals to understand their unconscious 'psychological immune system'
    Encourage older adults to make decisions early in the day.