The Human Cost of Fraud: A Vox Populi

Authors: Mark Button, Jim Gee, Chris Lewis, & Jacki Tapley
Published by: Centre for Counter Fraud Studies & MacIntyre Hudson
Year: 2010

Relevance: Victims of fraud are not always visible, and thus providing a window into the experiences and perspectives of a range of fraud victims is necessary to truly appreciate its impact.

Summary: This is one of several reports focusing on the costs of fraud — social, financial, and personal — in this case, on the human damages. This report features the personal voices of fraud victims, as gleaned from personal interviews — 750 telephone interviews, 30 in-depth, face-to-face interviews, and 2 group discussions among victims.

“One of the striking myths that still predominates around fraud victims is that fraud is a victimless crime or that it has less impact than some other crimes. This is wrong” (p. 3).

  • While compiling research and data from a range of studies, this report serves primarily to convey the human cost of fraud through personal profiles, and by “simply letting the victims speak for themselves.” (p. 4)
  • The range of voices help represent both the difficult consumer experience in the wake of fraud as well as the range of individuals who are victimized.

Improving support: Many victims described intense frustration when approaching the police or other reporting bodies, frequently encountering disinterest from responsible officials.

First Paragraph: This Report allows 11 victims of fraud a voice. They each describe the impact of fraud on their lives - this shows what the real human cost of fraud is.

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