6/10/2022 - FINRA launches “Con ‘Em If You Can” Interactive Online Game

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation (FINRA Foundation) in collaboration with Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund today launched an exciting new educational tool in the form of an interactive game that helps investors spot the psychological persuasion tactics used by con artists. The game—available for play on desktop or by downloading the phone or tablet mobile application—is designed to help investors outsmart investment fraud criminals. Con ‘Em If You Can brings players into the fictional world of Shady Acres. Playing alongside Connor, a con artist and mentor, players learn first-hand about the types of persuasion tactics used to perpetuate financial fraud, and they accumulate wealth and strength by using these tactics as fraud tools on a range of targets. But they have to watch out-the Fraud Fighting Agency’s lead agent, Fiona, is hot on their trail. Can they take down Shady Acres’ biggest target before she finds them?

Play the game here.

Read the press release here.