Victim Profile


Age Distribution of Fraud Victims by Type of Fraud

Anyone – of any age, gender, race, or educational background – can be a victim of fraud.

Studies looking at fraud in general find no standard demographic profile of fraud victims.  Older adults appear to be more common targets, though their relative vulnerable is unknown.

  • In developed countries, an estimated 2% of all Internet users are victims of Internet-based fraud each year.

Criminal Victimisation in International Perspective, van Dijk et al., 2007

  • Among people over 45, lottery fraud victims were more likely to be women over 70 living alone, with lower education, lower income, and less financial literacy. Victims of investment fraud in this group, however, were more likely to be men, 55-62, married, with higher incomes and greater financial literacy.

Off the Hook: Reducing Participation in Telemarketing Fraud, AARP, 2003