Research Seed Grant - Request for Proposals

Applications Requested by May 25th

The Financial Fraud Research Center seeks to further research that advances our understanding, prevention, and detection of financial fraud inflicted upon individuals.

Current fraud research makes incomplete use of the breadth of intellectual resources which could be applied to an understanding of fraud’s characteristics, deterrence, and detection.

In order to expand the intellectual domain applied to financial fraud, the Center makes available up to $50,000 to target non-traditional avenues of inquiry.

Stanford faculty at the Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor level.

Research from a broad range of disciplines is both considered and encouraged.

Applications should make apparent how the proposed research relates to and advances our understanding, prevention, and/or detection of financial fraud either directly or indirectly. For projects requiring IRB approval, funds will not be released until the protocol is approved.

Given the nature of “seed” funding, applications should detail:

  • that the research is sufficiently constrained to fit the allowable budget,
  • specific nature of deliverables with a corresponding timeline, and
  • how the proposed course of study may support subsequent fraud-related research efforts.

Novel proposals that incorporate expertise beyond the traditional purview of financial fraud research, make apparent a practical fraud connection, and provide a platform for ongoing study are ideally suited to this seed grant program.

Budget: Justify support required to complete project, itemized by personnel, equipment and supplies. The maximum amount is $50,000. Budget amounts may be modified during the review process. Funding may not be used for faculty salary.

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